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New Game Idea Empty New Game Idea

Post by Tylerella on Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:31 am

Read this first. It will make more sense.
When I heard you I thought of something like this:
There is a checkered board, just a checkered board, and four players go in each corner. All the players progress until two players are in squares adjacent to eachother. When the two players squares touch, they have to go out into another room where there is a platform with lava two blocks deep three blocks below the platform. There is a two block wide gap between the walls. The two players are given an iron sword and they get healed. The host counts down from 3 and then they fight to the death. Whoever dies in this little match is out. The one who survives gets healed and moved back into the room with the checkerboard in the square they were in before they had the lava pit fight. All this continues, with little potions and such being dropped by the host and a few sponsors(4 each round - one for each player). These advantages can be used by the players in the lava pit matches if one player requests. But there is a downside to this - both players going into combat have to have at least one bonus from their sponsor and their sponsor only. No allowance of gifts given by another sponsor to a player/sponsor to sponsor to player, so pick wisely who you'd want to be a helper for. This continues with a few rules:
Already Mentioned:
    1.) Only 4 sponsors per round, one for each player. Once player count gets to two, an in-game player may have 2 sponsors if they like. A downside to this is that either both players have two sponsors or they both have one. I'm thinking about if a player gets defeated, they can sponsor a player and cheer them on.

    2.)In the lava pit battle, either both players have at least one bonus or the one that does will not get to use it. I have only made this rule because it sounds fair, but if I get enough comments saying against this rule, I will change it.

Not Mentioned:
    1.) You cannot receive or follow any commands from your sponsor. You will not be allowed the permission to take commands like move, go fight, or any other things. Sorry sponsors, you're just here to cheer them on and give them items.

    2.) Sponsors are only allowed to give weapons, armor, and potions (i.e. Splash Potion of Poison, Splash Potion of Harming, Potion of Healing, Potion of Fire Resistance etc.), nothing else like blocks or flowers or anything. Especially no XP Bottles. They will not be allowed to enchant anything, if you want them to have an enchanted item, you have to enchant it yourself.

    3.) The winner receives the most powerful item held by the defeated players, one from each player. The people playing are inventory checked, so they would have had nothing other than weapons, potions, and armor from their sponsors. The winner shall ask the player or sponsor if they would like their items back, but you have to ask the sponsor first if they would like it because it was theirs to start with. If they decline the offer, you may ask the player they were cheering on if they would like it. If they decline the offer, you can keep it.

    4.) The host may give an even amount of items to each player. The players may feel a difference in how much the host likes one player or another, so lets keep it lovely and live in this game.

    5.) Final unmentioned rule: Have sportsmanship. No one likes a grumpy butt. The winning player will ask your sponsor if they or you would like your items back first, so if you want it, you get it back unless your sponsor wants their stuff back too.

I hope you like this idea and will help me build it. I will accept helpers who know me well and will cooperate with me to help gather supplies and such and clear out land. I will pay 1k to everyone I accept as a helper. If you do not have the jobs already, make two of your jobs Miner and Builder. You will be mining and building a lot of the time, and you will get much more money other than the 1k I pay you if you switch.
Much Love,
- Tyler

New Game Idea Mca
New Game Idea Tylerella
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New Game Idea Empty Re: New Game Idea

Post by jm6863 on Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:08 am

Cool idea

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