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Post by Tonkow on Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:42 am

Hey everyone. Its time to make this server a little more serious. Last coupple of days I've got several pms and /msgs about players bullying some poor dude. Lastly if I understand it right was Owbo the victim. I can't see why this should continue or why you guys think that is okay. In the end it nobody wins.
What I've been doing the last hour is to figure out how to solve this, and this is my 2-step solution:

1. I've been talking to the staff (just ops) and told them to give any offensive player a warning and then a 6 hour ban. I will not matter if you are guest, builder or mod. Anyone making anything stupid just to hurt someone will get banned by the ops immediately.

2. You've may noticed that ops dosn't control the server 24/7, and when they are gone its the mods who are in charge. But if they are doing something wrong, or even maybe aren't online you can always post in the new forum. [Only admins are allowed to see this link], and it will be used for report certain players. I highly recommend using prnt scrn when you are reporting so we can make the process easier.
Use this forum to report players who are mean, swears alot, griefs or whatever.

Lastly I wanna make sure you all know this. Members can use greif tool to see who greifed. Type /hawk tool, and then hit the wodden log you will get in your inv anywhere to see who placed or removed a block and when. This is a good feature, if no mod/op are online and you wanna build on your griefed house.
Look up who greifed your things, report the user, with prnt scrn, rebuild or whatever, ops will see it and repay you and ban/jail the user.

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Post by magicdinosaur2 on Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:30 pm

sounds good thanks for making this a better server

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