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Equestria Weekly Empty Equestria Weekly

Hey, it's Tyler here, reporting to you for Equestria Weekly.
Hey guess what! No more suffering! Piecraft will be up around Tuesday! Hooray! We may have no remnants of our old world, but we can all help to get the biggest things up first, and then work down to the smallest of things, like everyone pitch in to make a new and improved spawn, and then collect everything else so we can get the last bits of those diamonds in order. Best of luck on that, folks!
Also with us bronies. We have been shouting our ponies at everyone, big or small, and we're sorry for that. We have such a small community at Piecraft and such a big amount of haters that we just wanna explode(I know I do)! We bronies are sorry, but these haters don't seem to leave us alone.. May I ask why is that? It's just so.. not Rainbow. Sad
And with all the people asking staff to read their mod applications. I'm sort of tired of this, with all these people asking and asking me and mods and ops and donators to read their mod apps blargh. I don't think it works that way guys. If they want to read it, they will. You don't have to ask them repeatedly to 'read my mod app pls cause I really want mod so I can do stuff.' Tonk and the others will make the decision. You can't force them, guys.
There is a new pony section of the fourms! If you'd like to see our pony discussions or join in on them (and not make really mean comments to us), go to the 'Off Topic' section and click 'Ponies.'
I hope you have liked the first Equestria Weekly, as I will be making more of them as time goes on. If you have any suggestions about what I should talk about, just put them down in the comment box. Signing off,
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-Midnight Sparkle

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Equestria Weekly Mca
Equestria Weekly Tylerella
"Elementary, my dear Watson." - Sherlock Holmes
In the name of God, we need to get moving. The aches and pains we have are nothing compared to how much we can have if we work together. We all need to stick together, get to know each other, and we need to cooperate with each other, show each other what we can do. Show each other that we can do this with each other, and that we all can make a difference. We all can make a huge difference, and if we do, we can right our wrongs, make fantasy real, and change our hearts in a huge way. Tyler out.

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