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Lance's blog! #2 Empty Lance's blog! #2

SOOOO I'm going to be away next week (I need to post a thread about that! :P) so I'm just going to go ahead and post this. This time, I'm going to be talking about stress--and I hand-wrote my entry. Sorry if you can't read cursive/script, a typed version follows.

Lance's blog! #2 Blog1j

Lance's blog! #2 Blog2vn

(Typed version:)

Many people relieve stress in many different ways. Some people work out, some sleep, sometimes it depends on the situation. If times are tough, you could scream or cry or sing to Adele. Need a break from school? Go play a video game or hang out with some friends. Personally, I love getting rid of stress by writing. I could type up a page-long story or write down how I feel in my diary. I love creative writing, because I am the author and I get to control everything.

Another way I relax is by playing games. Whether it's Minecraft, Pokemon, Zelda, I always feel much better after a good game. Recently, I've begun playing a rather old Gamecube game titled, "Animal Crossing". In the game, my character's mother sent a letter to me. It read:
"My dear Diane,
Stressful moments pass quickly from day to day, but the combined weight of all of them can crush your youth... Never let your cares weigh you down for long!
Be cheery! -<3 Mom"

Though just an NPC in an outdated game, this is some of the best advice about stress I've ever been given. All of us stress out over something at one point or another; that's inevitable. Try to listen to what my "mom" told me--don't let your cares weigh you down for too long, and be cheery!


(P.S. if you don't know how to get rid of your stress, try doing something you enjoy. and there's nothing wrong with crying it out.

I hope this helps anyone who is struggling with stress, or if you do in the future, please keep this in mind. See y'all next time!

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