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The Trophy Achivements!

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The Trophy Achivements! Empty The Trophy Achivements!

Post by Le_LH on Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:29 am

So I found this on X's channel. If you are unfamiliar with X (daviddr64yt) he does a few minecraft videos, he made an amazing gameplay and is a good commentator aswell, so go check him out.
On his video I saw he mad an achivement thing. It was basicly a long list of achievements, not in-game, but just generally epic achivements. (List here:
I decided to do the list here, trying to complete as many achievements as possible, on the bronze and silver; for now.

I am also doing them 1 by one, kinda from up to down. Even if i made the achievement before, I will try not to jump and do like the 30th achivement, then 12th and so on. might take 1 or 2 in advance but will try not to.

Tell me what you think of this, and you might even want to try yourself Smile

Here will be the list I will be checking of, if its completed or not:
Splinter Resistant- Punch 10 tree logs - COMPLETED

Animals fear me- Punch a sheep, cow, chicken, and pig one time each - COMPLETED

Arachnophobia- Kill a spider during the daytime - COMPLETED

Fire!- Place a torch - COMPLETED

More fire! OH NO!- Set a tree on fire

Let's get to business- Create a sword - COMPLETED

Robin Hood's Apprentice- Create a bow

Diamond hunter- Reach layer 12 - COMPLETED

WHY. WON'T. YOU. BREAK!?!- Try to mine bedrock - COMPLETED

I'm the king of the world!- Go above the clouds

It Blinds!- Let a day go by without going to the surface

F-ing magnets, how do they work?- Make a compass

Wow! This seems rare!- Find Redstone - COMPLETED

Tree killer- Cut down a tree with a stone or higher Axe - COMPLETED

Nomad- Find 3 different desert Biomes

Feel the burn- Take your first step COMPLETED (?)

Boo!- Put a pumpkin on your head

Pretty- Pick up a rose

PETA hates me- Push a cow off a cliff

Big bada boom- Make a TNT block

HEADSHOT- Kill a skeleton by hitting him in the head with an arrow

Give a man a fish- Catch one fish

Indestructible- Drink 10 buckets of milk

To the death!- Get two skeletons to battle to the death

Tree hugger- Put out a fire with a bucket of water

The grim reaper, for crops- Farm and collect 64 reeds

Just like mom's- Make mushroom soup

Eco-friendly- Plant 20 saplings - COMPLETED

Conspiracy theorist- Kill 100 chickens

And my axe!- Kill 10 monsters with your axe

Global Warming- Destroy 10 ice blocks

A mini titanic- Make a boat

Pirates!- Ride a boat for 500 blocks

Paradox!- Store a chest inside of a chest - COMPLETED

Industrial revolution- Have five furnaces running at once

Forger- Power a furnace with lava

Maximum reached- Get 64 of an item or block

Holy sh*t!- Hear a cave sound

Sit down!- Kill a spider in midair

Sit down... again!- Kill a spider while it is climbing a wall

Reeder- Make a bookshelf

This will be easy!- Mine 100 stone blocks - COMPLETED

Love at first sight- Meet Charlotte (Requires Charlotte Female Companion)

Halloween Already?- Craft a Jack-O-Lantern

You mean I've never slept once in my life?- Craft a bed

Furry companion- Tame a wolf

Eternal Flame- Light a Netherrack block on fire

The following trophies are silver :

King Coal- Mine 64 coal ore blocks

Iron Miner- Mine 64 iron ore blocks

Electrician- Mine 64 Redstone ore blocks

Apocalypse? I am the Apocalypse- Kill 100 zombies

I am The One- Dodge 100 arrows

String comes from where?- Kill 100 spiders

No, I don't want a hug- Kill 100 creepers

YES! DIAMOND! WOOHOO!- Mine a diamond ore block

Nothing can stop me! Except bedrock...- Create a diamond pickaxe

Go to hell- Create a portal to The Nether

Traitor!- Kill a Pigman

I am the devil himself- Kill a Ghast

Falcon PUNCH!- Punch a fireball

Herobrine!- Find a dungeon

The sacred sword- Make a diamond sword

Give a man a rod- Catch 64 fish

Shear? No. PUNCH? Yes.- Collect 64 wool

Sh*ting bricks- Bake 64 brick blocks

Music master- Get a skeleton to kill a creeper

Crazy Train- Make a minecart track at least 100 rails long

The great adventurer- Discover every biome

Suffocation- Kill a monster with sand or gravel

Just a twinkle in my eyes- Make a chain reaction with two or more TNT blocks

Hey ma! I caught a- WTF IS THAT!?!- Use a fishing pole on a Ghast

Artist- Place every single painting possible

Faster dammit!- Ride a pig

Irony- Kill a creeper with TNT

Dancing with the butterflies- Collect 20 roses, and 50 yellow flowers

Ezio’s apprentice- Kill 3 monsters without them noticing you

Grim reaper- Create a diamond hoe

Pimp- Create a Gold hoe

God of all sounds- Make every type of note block

Poseidon's apprentice- Kill 100 squids

It's a trap!- Make a dispenser

Lies- Make a cake

Mysterious traveler- Mine a Lapis Lazuli ore block

New enemies- Kill one of every mob

Okay, my hands hurt now- Mine 1,000 stone blocks

The Trophy Achivements! Ic4xas
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